Personal Property – Ranges from household, tools, collectibles, unusual and unique items and much more.

Coins – There is always a select group of buyers who attend and compete to purchase an addition to their coin collection.

Antiques – We sell a wide variety of antiques from primitives to toys, vintage and retro, to rare and unique items buyers are always in search of to buy.

Consignment - Trading arrangement in which a seller sends goods to a buyer or reseller who pays the seller only as and when the goods are sold. The seller remains the owner (title holder) of the goods until they are paid for in full and, after a certain period, takes back the unsold goods.

Business Liquidation – These liquidations include auctions from retail to manufacturing, from small to large businesses.

Benefit/Fundraising – We conduct many benefit auctions for organizations ranging from churches, schools, clubs, sports / arts, illness awareness, to fundraising for individuals.

Real Estate   Looking to invest in new properties or perhaps turning your real estate holdings into cash? I’m a part of Business Development at John Dixon & Associate, a national real estate auction marketing company located in Metro Atlanta. We make it possible for institutions throughout the country to sell such assets, having performed thousands of successful auctions across the nation via live, online, simulcast, and sealed bid auctions. CLICK on the logo to go directly to the company site.



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